Philadelphia Police Department

The 320 officers who comprise the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) police team are the front lines of the Police School Diversion Program. They are stationed in SDP’s 214 schools to maintain order and safety, and they are responsible for connecting eligible youth to the Police School Diversion Program.


Officer La’Tonya Bey-Gore and Officer Vicente Ramirez are liaison officers for the Police School Diversion Program. In this role, they respond to calls from school police officers to determine whether students are eligible for the Police School Diversion Program. For students who are eligible, Officers Bey-Gore and Ramirez refer them to Department of Human Service social workers who then initiate the intake and assessment process.


Officer La’Tonya Bey began her employment with the City of Philadelphia in March of 2000 as a Correctional Officer for the Philadelphia Prison System. During her tenure, she became an elite member of the Correction Emergency Response Team (CERT) and was promoted to the position of Correctional Sergeant in 2004. She joined the Philadelphia Police Department in April 2007 and was assigned to work at public schools in the 12th Police District. As a “school beat officer,” Bey helped youth avoid the justice juvenile system by employing mediation strategies to address student conflicts, organizing educational school assemblies, and connecting youth to programs and services that addressed the root causes of their misbehavior. In May 2014, Officer Bey-Gore became the first liaison officer for the Police School Diversion Program. Officer Bey-Gore currently serves as an ordained Evangelist/Worship Leader for her local church and a board member for the AVA Foundation, Inc.


Officer Vicente Ramirez is a 16-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department. Officer Ramirez spent his first seven years with the force in the 39th (Northwest) and 15th (Northeast) Police Districts. In 2008, Officer Ramirez was transferred to the Police Explorers Unit, where he traded traditional police work for work focused on educating young people and helping them make positive life choices. During his time with the Police Explorers Unit, Officer Ramirez became a Certified Instructor for the Philadelphia Police Department, which gave him the opportunity to conduct trainings for police units. Officer Ramirez was transferred to the Police School Diversion Program in September 2015.